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Expert in saving costs on empty commercial properties

80% savings on rates achieved through tried and tested methods

Our success is based on professional legal advice and experience gained over many years

Through years of working in the Commercial Property market and as legal specialists, Lincoln and Co has a clear understanding of ways to mitigate your rates position when a property is empty. We have surveyed the market of current schemes available and developed our own scheme to offer you the best savings possible. We understand how to implement them all and the pitfalls associated with them.

However, your requirements may be different - and you may want extra services. To that end, the Lincoln philosophy is not to be all things to all people, but to partner with those that understand their business the best.

Call usemail us or use our contact form for more information.

I have used Lincoln and Co for over 4 years across over 40 properties, the length and breadth of the country. They have saved the company a substantial amount and operated transparently and efficiently. Even with problem councils the team met the challenge and I did not need to get involved. Thoroughly professional.

- David, Senior Manager, Real Estate Investment and Development Company

Lincoln & Co’s rate-saving scheme has saved our business many thousands of pounds across 11 properties. Our admin team worked effectively with Lincoln’s admin team and all went smoothly. Highly recommended.

- Dan, Senior Manager, Real Estate Investor and Developer

I have used Lincoln and Co for over 2 years to assist with our UK property portfolio. They have saved the company a substantial amount and operated transparently and efficiently. The Lincoln team are very professional and friendly, it has been a pleasure to work with.

- Nakis, Portfolio Asset Owner

Thank you so much for your services over these past nine months. Yes, I fully appreciate the cost savings-if only we had worked together a few years earlier! It has been a pleasure to work with you and, of course, I shall contact you in the future if the need arises.

- Catherine, Private Property Owner

The Lincoln Method

  • Scheme proven in over 500 properties

  • Over £1m in rates under management

  • Accepted by more than 90 councils

  • Proved legally as compliant with government rules

Advantages over other Empty Commercial Property Rates Relief Methods

  • Best savings for the Landlord

  • Best cash flow 

  • Works from the day that the Empty Rates Relief Period ends

  • No minimum period before savings are achieved

  • No minimum tenancy term

  • Minimal Disturbance

  • Property can be marketed at all times

  • Least bureaucracy over short and long-term

  • Full administration by Lincoln

Our Process

its simple. We will discuss your particular requirements and work out the best method for you to save rates. We will then propose the solution that best fits those requirements. If we are not the best equipped to do so we will tell you and if we know who is the best to deliver that service refer you to one of our partners.

If we are taking the rates mitigation forward we will present you with a quote and a copy of our terms and conditions. Once you are happy with those (and returned them) we will agree a start date and put the scheme in place. This usually takes a few days and once we have all the paperwork signed we take all future work off your hands.

We will contact you from time-to-time to make sure that all is OK and see if we can help with anything else.

We aim to be responsive at all times. So, should you have any concerns or worries, you can get in touch with us through our office number or your usual contact.


Our offering does not end with rates mitigation. Instead, we have built a network of partners to whom we can refer you. We have built up relationships with those we feel offer a distinct service that complements ours. They are service focused and we believe they offer realistic, cost-effective solutions. See our Partners page for more information.

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