About Lincoln & Co

An ethos of Innovation, Compliance, Service and Partnership

Lincoln & Co was formed in 2015 by a team of rates experts with knowledge of the relevant rates law precedents in commercial property. They called on lawyers and barristers working in the field to develop offerings that met the market need whilst maintaining compliance with government legislation. The company is a niche organisation that has built on the ethical practices adopted within the taxation arena to mitigate commercial property owner’s liabilities compliant with the rules laid down by the government.

Our team has detailed knowledge of the ratings legislation. They also monitor the legal rulings and precedents to investigate other methods for our clients to save money. This is key to Lincoln & Co's approach in being innovative and offering cost-effective solutions. We also pass our knowledge on by producing white papers from time-to-time. These can be found on our Publications page.

Our expert team is augmented by administrators and sales staff who are there to support our clients.

Our aim is to minimise the involvement of clients in executing our service. So, we take away that burden and deal with any issues ourselves. We keep clients informed should there be any issues and have dedicated account managers.

Lincoln & Co is realistic about what we can achieve. We do not try to be all things to all people, but we focus on our specialisation. To achieve a better offering to clients, we partner others, who can offer complementary services.

We do not give out client details to anyone else and only to our partners with your express permission as described in our Privacy Policy.

Our services are cited by NovaLoca and are mentioned in other publications.