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Full relief from empty property rates                         

Lincoln & Co is an experienced company with a proven track record of helping clients minimise their liability for empty property rates.  In all cases our clients achieve full relief from all business rates on empty properties. Our services adhere to all legal rulings and take a number of forms. Where coulcils contest the issue we take full responsibility for all legal expenses. In every case where it is contested we have been successful in defending our position.

The company has a legal trained team responsible for any issues that need to be resolved.

Empty property business rates have been the scourge of the property industry. Now Lincoln & Co can make that burden of empty property rates a thing of the past with no disturbance to the property owner. 

We can achieve this by using the law that also applies to your taxation. You are permitted under law to mitigate your position as long as you adhere to the laws in place at the time.

Our primary service involves the introduction of a tenant to take on liability for rates without having continuous occupation of the property..


We operate ethically and transparently, ensuring that all parties adhere to the current rules relating to Business Rates.


Our services are cited by NovaLoca.

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