Rates Mitigation Schemes


Rates Mitigation is legal

Rates Evasion is illegal

All schemes that Lincoln & Co implement comply with current law and adhere to the rules set down by the Government and the Valuations Office Agency.

From time to time, rating authorities, usually councils, question these schemes and take them initially to the magistrates court. When the judgement is against them, they sometimes take it further, to the high court.

In such cases, Lincoln & Co defends the position and, to this day, we have never failed in defending our position.

Rates Mitigation Offerings

Lincoln & Co uses a Charity Event scheme as its primary choice as it offers client's the best savings with minimal bureaucracy for the client. However it is not right in every case. For example, Class A1 offices, which need to remain pristine as all times, may not be suitable to having the public enter, albeit for short periods of time. In these cases we use an MVL scheme. Similarly, where premises are small we can use an SPV method to mitigate the rates position.

Where offices are fully dilapidated, again other methods can be used. Or, if we do not feel that we are in the best position to achieve the required savings, we can call on our partners to offer you a service that meets your needs.

Whilst it is often clear which scheme is most appropriate we will discuss your needs and explore the type of property you have before proposing a solution.

To give you any idea of the breadth of methods we have produced a White paper outlining many of these methods. Contact us to request a copy. But to give you a feel, this is a list of some of these scheme available:

  • Incapable of Beneficial Occupation

  • Lack of Demand

  • Partitioning Properties

  • Usage Reclassification

  • Small Company Rates Relief

  • Members Voluntary Liquidation

  • Snail Farms

  • Property Guardians

  • Intermittent Occupation

  • Charity Occupation

  • Charity Events