How much could you save?


The savings you can make depend on the product or combination of products used. We consistently achieve full relief from all business rates for clients, making substantial savings for landlords.

Our empty property products always achieve full relief from rates for our clients. Put simply you will not pay a penny in rates whilst using our services. 

The only cost you will incur is our fees which are based on a percentage of any saving. 

Typically we save landlord between 70% and 80% after all costs. We also guarantee to beat any quote you may have previously received from any empty property rate service provider.

A small sample of indicative examples of where we have succeeded in saving landlords money are shown below.


Property Portfolio

With Brexit looming the owners took the view that some of their properties would remain empty for some time. The Covid-19 pandemic compounded this resulting in other properties becoming vacant. As a result, what started with a single empty property has become a necessary cost-cutting exercise for the owner. Lincoln has stepped up to the mark and delivered savings of nearly £20,000 per month across 7 properties

Central London Office

One floor of over 2,500 sq ft in a West-End office block became vacant and with a referral from one of our partner surveyors a solution was put together to meet the client's requirements. The result is that savings of over £5,000 per month were achieved for the landlord.

Small Shop

The property of 590 sq ft is in the centre of Birmingham. After some months of the property being empty the owner spoke to a friend who referred them to us. We implemented a scheme to assist them in saving around £650 per month.

Empty Shop

With a 1,583 sq ft shop in Hexham, Northumberland the client was confident that a tenant would be found at reasonably short notice. The scheme implemented allowed the landlord to terminate the scheme quickly and whilst the property was empty they saved over £700 per month in business rates.

Serviced Offices

With a number of serviced office blocks, this client has seen a reduction in interest in the central London serviced office market. As a result, with each suite rated separately, Lincoln & Co are able to achieve savings once the suites become empty. The flexible approach adopted allows the suites to be re-let when required.

Nightclub / Pub

Out client, seeing the opportunity with hospitality properties being sold at a discount, has taken over premises. Lincoln and Co have achieved savings of around £7,000 per month.

Disused Warehouse

A warehouse of 150 sq m had been on the market for some time with no rental prospects in sight. The 6 month relief period was over some time ago when they were referred to us. Within a short space of time Lincoln & Co had implemented a scheme to save them £500 per month.

Large Warehouse

With 52,000 sq ft of warehouse space in Gloucester the landlord wanted to ensure outgoings were minimised whilst it was empty. They contacted Lincoln & Co and the scheme implemented saved them nearly £6,500 per month.

Small Office

Based in Hull 1,890 sq ft of office space became vacant. After the 3 month rates relief period, the Lincoln scheme was implemented and saved the client over £600 per month.

Large Office Block

Rebuilt in 2018, this 13,000 sq ft office block was put under Lincoln & Co's management for rates until it was fully let. Our involvement gave them an annualised saving of around £80K, this figure reducing as the floors of the property were let.

Property Manager

With a number of clients, this Surveyor spent some time looking at options before requesting Lincoln & Co propose a way for them to save money on a large portfolio of properties. A scheme was proposed and accepted by the client with the result that initially 7 properties were placed under management. Over a period of several months this rose to over 30 properties with monthly savings in excess of £70,000 per month.