Privacy Policy

Lincoln and Co Ltd regards privacy as an important part of its business model. The reason for this is that our clients can be concerned that others may use their details to target them with information that could waste their time.


We collect data from you only during the sales process and whilst services your account. We will not pass on that information to any third party for their use unless we explicitly gain your consent.

We do not publish a client list for similar reasons and any quotes or attributions are because we have formally requested to use those comments.


We are bound by data security laws and adhere to them as applicable. All information held by the company is held securely on secure computers and servers. Those laws mean that we must only retain your data for the period needed or until you request that it is deleted. You also have rights over that data and may request it to be viewed and amended if incorrect. To do so, please use the Contact page.


If, as a result of normal commercial business, Lincoln and Co Ltd restructures, takes over or is taken over, then your data will be transferred to the new entity and they will be bound by the Privacy Policy here.


Lincoln and Co reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy and will update it through this website.