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Our Ethos

Lincoln and Co tries to do the best for its clients. We do not believe in offering everything to everybody and dealing with the consequences. We believe in delivering what we are good at, referring clients to others where advantageous to them and ensuring we enter into win-win agreements.

To that end we aim to win clients and win repeat business. We aim for clients to feel comfortable with our products and feel confident that when we say that we will deliver something that it will happen.


Our Primary Offering

Lincoln and Co promotes Rates Mitigation strategies to reduce or remove the liability for business rates on a property through compliant schemes.

In most cases we will promote the use of the Lincoln scheme, which achieves the greatest savings for a client with minimal use of the property. In some cases, for example, small premises, we use an alternative scheme and where the offices are class A1 and no footfall at all is wanted, another scheme is used. The added advantage of this method is that we are working with charities and they gain from this, as well as the client.

In other cases, we may refer a client to one of our specialise partners who focuses on one particular scheme. Such referrals are on a commercial basis where the client enjoys the same advantages as going directly to the company.

We do not get involved in negotiating valuations with the VOA, leaving that to Ratings Specialists, nor do we get involved with the negotiation on whether a property is derelict as these are expensive and time-consuming activities, which we prefer to avoid.

However, if a scheme that we have implemented is questioned, we will act to defend it, even if that means taking it to court. You will not be involved in any legal issues that arise, but you will be kept abreast of what is happening as a courtesy.

We also undertake our own research and keep abreast of developments in our industry. We publish white papers from time to time for registered users to download.

Other Offerings

We know that if premises are empty there are a number of issues that need to be addressed, such as preventing break-ins, squatters, maintenance, adhering to insurance conditions.

We partner others, experts in those fields to offer the services that you may require.

We only enter into partnerships where there is mutual advantage and there is little cross-over of products. This gives clarification to clients in where to go for requests, and clarity to our staff on what should be offered.

Our Partners Page gives more information on what they can offer you to ensure you get the best (least worst!) result from a property being empty/