1,583 Sq ft Shop in Hexham


The rates payable on this 1,583 sq ft property in Hexham, Northumberland were £11,086.

This meant that the landlord was paying over £923.80 a month in empty property rates on a shop that was no longer bringing him any revenue.


The landlord was optimistic that a tenant would be found for the shop and had therefor not previously sought a solution because she did not want to commit to a long-term arrangement on a property that could be let at any time.


She was attracted to Lincoln & Co because of our ability to cancel the tenancy at short notice should another tenant be found.


With the help of Lincoln & Co we managed to cut his monthly payments from £923.80 a month to £184.77. When a tenant was found after 8 months she had a total saving of £5,912.51 for that period. Our agreement was terminated quickly and the new tenants moved in a few days later.


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